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We are living in a time where the internet becomes our utmost need whether it’s your office or your home and with the ease of using the internet, the chances of getting viruses and spyware have also been escalated. Norton antivirus is one of the leading antivirus products that defend your computer from unknown viruses, spyware, malware, adware, and other random threats. It does not merely identify the viruses and threats, but it also removes them. This program can also protect users from malevolent links and also protects your online character when browsing and entering private data. Norton Antivirus includes the cloud-based Norton Management that permits you to set up, refresh, install, and restore Norton applications on other systems at

System Requirements for Norton Antivirus

  1. Norton products mostly accept Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8 Pro,8.1,9, and 10.
  2. Hardware - For Windows 10: 2 GB.
-For Windows 8 or 7: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit). -For Windows Vista: 512 MB -For Windows XP: 256 MB
  1. It can run in 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows versions. Make sure that the service pack is upgraded.
  2. Norton products also run on Mac OS. Make sure that you have upgraded your Operating System.
  3. Hardware for Mac - Mac computer with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor.
-    2 GB of RAM -    300 MB of available hard disk space. -    Internet connection for LiveUpdate.
  1. Norton products also run on any device operating Android. You need a good internet connection as Norton for phone device requires the internet to perform web-based anti-theft capabilities. If you want to set up your Norton product, go to

To install updated Norton product you first have to reinstall your previous installed version.

Steps to Remove and Reinstall Norton software on your computer

  1. You have to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool,
Now save your file to the Windows desktop, and on some browsers, the file is instinctively saved to its pre-defined location.
  1. Tap the Ctrl + J key in your system to open the downloads window.
  2. You have to double click on the NRnR icon.
  3. Now read the license agreement, and press Agree.
  4. Press Remove & Reinstall
You may tap the Remove button if the Norton Product of yours is from the service provider.
  1. Press Continue or Remove.
  2. Now press Restart Now.
When your computer restarts, follow the instructions on your screen to reinstall Norton.

Steps to download and install Norton setup on your computer

  1. First, you have to Log In to Norton at
  2. In case you are not signed in to Norton before, you have to enter your email ID and passcode, and then press “Sign In.”

If you don’t have an account yet, press on Create account and then complete the remaining process.

  1. When you are in the page named Get Started, you have to press on Download Norton.
  2. Press on “Agree & Download”

If you got more than one Norton product in the account, select the product you wish to download and press “Next.”

Press “Load More” if the product you want to download does not appear on the list.

  1. This step depends on the browser you use, Do the following based on your browser:
-    If you operate Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser, then press “Run.” -    If you’re using Firefox or Safari: On the upper right corner of the browser, press the Download option to see the downloaded files, and then double-press the file you have downloaded.
  1. If User Account Control window displays, then press Continue.
Now follow the remaining directions on your screen.
  1. Your Norton software will now be installed.

Steps to activate Norton setup on your computer

  1. Go to your Norton product.
  2. In the original window, press Help.
  3. In the Help Center page, under Account Information, press the option named Enter Product Key.
  4. Enter your 25 characters alphanumeric product key, and press next.
  5. Now follow the instructions on your screen.
  6. Analyze your subscription details, and then press done.

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